c r i m e t h i n c.    c o r p s     d i p l o m a t i q u e

This is just a scribbled trace of a small collective effort. Perhaps we will become the thriving hothouse of earnest intercourse some of us feel so necessary: reporting on outlying communities of struggle; eagerly exchanging analyses of the life and learning of those more of us know well; supporting each other in maintaining the difficult balance as we move between the worlds.

And perhaps this site will aid that work, as a web-based secure environment for diplomats and liaisons to share experiences, ideas, proposals for solidarity, analyses and interpretations of communities of struggle, and support in a world of danger.



From Miami, in the heat of the moment, a call to the US global justice movement: From resistance to rebellion!

"This summer, June 27-29 somewhere in the Great Basin in the west of Turtle Island, a conclave called by the corps diplomatique will meet to conspire and collude." See this call to gather at the Rainbow Gathering.


From South Africa, after the WSSD, a strident fusillade on all manner of paternalism. "What is to be done?": Amandla Awethu (Power to the People).

Seeking intercommunal solidarity, we wrote a handbill call to action for the Rainbow Gathering and the WSSD in South Africa.

And finally, the debut essay of the corps diplomatique, entitled Liberating Multitude, also available in a more easily printable version. First distributed at the January WEF actions in NYC.

Enjoy, and email us to get involved, at vdrose@subdimension.com.